Funerals update January 2021

Jan 7, 2021 | Funerals, Memorial & Remembrance services

Following the most recent lockdown,attendance at funerals is now limited to 30. This excludes the celebrant,Funeral Services staff and anyone else working.

Funeral Presentation Script


Sadly social distancing needs to be maintained and masks worn.

Only six mourners can meet together after the service.This is difficult for many families who want to get together and share precious memories and anecdotes.

You might like to consider a remembrance service once restrictions are lifted to celebrate the life of the one you have lost with everyone who loved them. Perhaps on the anniversary of their death, their birthday or other significant date?

I can craft something especially for you that truly reflects your loved one and what they meant to you.

This can take place anywhere at anytime and allow family and friends who weren’t allowed to attend the funeral due to Covid restrictions to say a final goodbye.,be%20held%20many%20days%20or%20even%20weeks%20later.

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