Rituals for Naming Ceremonies

May 26, 2023 | Namings

A sand blending ceremony works beautifully as any number of people can participate, it has immediately visual impact and is rich in symbolism

The symbolism of the sand is that each grain is individual, but once the coloured sands are blended together, they cannot be separated, but are joined forever much like a family and the image created is so much more than the sum of its parts.

Everyone who has a role in  the child’s life, including siblings have their own colour of sand and pour the sand one at a time into a vessel- often a vase, bottle, or 3D picture frame.

A reading can be performed during this ceremony, or a piece of music may be played to enhance the ritual.

Some words that work well are:

“Like colours of the rainbow, we are all different, special, valuable, and precious. Each of us has unique qualities and talents which make us the individuals we are.

These differently coloured sands represent each of you and your importance in this family. Can I ask each of you now to pour your sand into the vase. (As the sand is poured) “Just as each of you will retain your own individuality, as the sand is poured this symbolises that as a family you are inseparable.

Together as a family you can survive anything. Together you will stand stronger than you would alone. Although your road may sometimes be bumpy, together you have created a family with a bond that is so strong nothing can break it.

This vase will be a constant reminder to you all, of the promises and commitments that you have made to each other today.”

Another symbolic act often included is the lighting of a unity candle, again this can be displayed as a permanent reminder of the day but has the added advantage that it can be relit on other significant occasions. Like the sand blending kits unity candles are easily bought on line, but my favourite was created by dad from his father’s own bees wax, so was a real family affair. The candle was first lit at the naming of their first child and again more than five years later for their second child, which made it doubly significant. I generally choose some very simple words such as :

“Warmth and light from the sun are the foundations of life. Fire holds a special place in our consciousness. That is why the lighting of candles can be incredibly powerful as a symbol of new life. Celebrating a new life is a hugely important day for any family. This candle symbolises the light of life, may it burn brightly for many years to come.”

Some families have their own traditions which is always a joy. At the naming of their twins mum and dad enlisted friends and families in the tying of multiple ribbons and rehearsed before the day so it was fabulous on the day.

“I said at the beginning of the ceremony that it takes a village to raise a child. We would like to symbolise your ongoing involvement with the family by using ribbons to symbolically bind you to the twins.

Children could you please wave your wands and quietly make a wish for the twins.”

There are many other rituals that you can choose, some of which involve everyone present which can be fun!

Whatever you choose I will ensure you all have a fabulous day.

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