What is a Celebrant at a funeral?

Feb 18, 2021 | Funerals, Humanist Ceremonies, Memorial & Remembrance services

Anyone can officiate at a funeral, whether that is a member of the clergy, a celebrant or a family member.
A Humanist Celebrant will create a non-religious celebration of life for your loved one.
Humanists believe that we only get one life and the way that we live it and treat other people is the legacy that we leave behind.
Humanist Celebrants focus on the life of the person who has died and do not express any belief in an afterlife or a god.
So what can you expect from me?
I will help you to plan the order of service and ensure that it reflects how you want the person to be remembered.
I will help you to choose appropriate poetry and music.
I will liaise with the Funeral Director to ensure the day goes smoothly.
I will meet with you and write a bespoke service for you to feedback on and will work on this until you are completely satisfied with it.
On the day I will be there to greet you and I will lead the service the way that you have asked me to.
For more information please go to https://margaretmulhollandhumanistcelebrant.com/funerals

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