A Celebration of Life

May 28, 2021 | Funerals, Humanist Ceremonies

When we think of funerals most of us think of sombre, solemn affairs, filled with grief, sadness, and everyone wearing black.

However, there is another way, one that is rapidly growing in popularity. It is a more modern take on how funerals are conducted, focusing on the deceased and how YOU wish to remember them.

I am a Humanist Funeral Celebrant leading the way for non-religious ceremonies in Staffordshire. Peeling away those layers of formality and solemnity I offer a gentle, personalised way of holding a funeral-  a joyous celebration of someone’s life rather than a marking of their death.

I will meet with you to capture your memories and tell the story of your loved one, allowing them to take centre stage. It’s an opportunity to appreciate their life in whatever manner you choose. From writing a fitting tribute or helping family members put together their words, advising on music, suggesting poetry, and planning the best way to conduct the ceremony at your chosen venue; I can help with it all.

Obviously, there is acknowledgement of what you have lost with the death of your loved one. We are all unique human beings, that is one of the joys of life. But  the uniqueness of each human life is also the source of our grief in bereavement. Look through the whole world and there is no one, like the one that you have lost. It is normal to grieve that absence, but it is also good to remember the enduring legacy that is left behind and that is the focus of my ceremonies.

I abide by “The Funeral Celebrant Accord”  which defines the attributes and skills required of an excellent funeral celebrant and is intended to set the standards by which all celebrants offering funeral services should be measured.


I have trained with, and I am accredited by Humanists UK who provide professional indemnity insurance as well as ongoing professional development.


I take great pride in what I do, and it is a real privilege to be involved in celebrating the life of the deceased with their family and friends. 

What we leave behind is not what is written on tablets of stone but what is woven into the lives of others.”

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