Do you want a beautiful personalised celebrant wedding but are concerned regarding the legalities?

Jun 25, 2021 | Weddings

Currently there is no legal recognition of Humanist Weddings in England. Although it is legal in other parts of the UK.

Humanists UK are actively lobbying the government to change this, but progress is slow.

All Registry Offices are obliged to offer what they call a “Statutory Ceremony” . This is intended to deal just with the legalities. Only 2 guests are allowed and they act as witnesses for the couple.

It is quick, simple and perhaps more importantly CHEAP. Perhaps that is why Registry Offices appear not to promote it?

In my area (Staffordshire) the cost of a statutory ceremony is £57. I regard this much the same as registering a birth and the celebrant led ceremony as your actual wedding. (Of course I am biased!).

You can deal with the legalities before, after or on the day of your wedding- the choice is yours.

There is a second option, which is not available everywhere but which has been trialled locally: “Combined Wedding Ceremonies.” These involve the Registrar and the Celebrant working together on the day.

It is the more expensive of the two , but if you want the beauty of a bespoke ceremony and legal sanction on the day it is an option.

If you want to know more please do get in touch

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